Hello fellow Miami Vice Fans,

I am only new to this fabulous site as I only joined yesterday. However I have watched Miami Vice since the 80's as a teenager / young adult. I now have all 5 seasons on DVD and I am a regular watcher still. Thanks to everyone who posted info and pictures on this site, this site is a treasure trove to Vice fanatics like myself.

Anyway, my first blog is going to be about my 5 favourite episodes. I know there are so many good episodes but these 5 are my favourites for various reasons:

1. Out Where the Buses Don't Run (obviously!!!) - Season 2

2. Lend Me An Ear - Season 3

3. Viking Bikers From Hell - Season 3

4. Killshot - Season 3

5. Indian Wars - Season 4

As you can see Season 3 is my favourite of all the Seasons!!!

Anyway folks I would be very interested in what other fellow addicts list as their favourite episodes. Please post your views and let me know as it is good to know other people from around the world share my love for the Vice.

Take care



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