Tom Kouchalakos


Miami Vice Characters
Stotto ("Trust Fund Pirates")
Physician ("Baby Blues")
Taggart ("Honor Among Thieves?")
Stevens ("Fruit of the Poison Tree")
FBI Agent Hanley ("World of Trouble")
December 26, 1961, Miami, Florida

Tom Kouchalakos (born December 26, 1961, Miami, Florida) Made his acting debut as Stotto, one of the "pirates" led by Skip Mueller in the episode "Trust Fund Pirates", a physician in the episode "Baby Blues", Taggart, one of Palmo's men in the episode "Honor Among Thieves?", Stevens in the episode "Fruit of the Poison Tree", and FBI Agent Hanley, who provided Crockett and Tubbs a demonstration of HAVOC in the episode "World of Trouble" of the series Miami Vice.

Selected FilmographyEdit

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