Tim Truman


Miami Vice Performer
Miami Vice Composer
Season 5

Tim Truman is an American musician, whose songs "Everything Inside of Me" (from "Redemption in Blood"), "No Way Out" (with Don Johnson, from "Freefall") and "Help Me Through The Night" (with Phil Perry, from "Too Much, Too Late") were featured in the series Miami Vice. He also composed background music for Season 5 of the show, replacing Jan Hammer.


Truman's first work was scoring a single episode of the Fame television series in 1984. He subsequently composed the soundtrack to Michael Mann's made-for-TV movie L.A. Takedown (later remade by the director as Heat, featuring Xander Berkeley, Martin Ferrero and Mykelti Williamson), and Mann remembered Truman when Jan Hammer left his position as composer for Miami Vice.

Little is actually known about Truman's time on Miami Vice. Aside from his previous work with Michael Mann, it is thought that a significant contributing factor in his recruitment to the show was his friendship with Don Johnson, who recommended him to the producers. From the start Truman made a conscious decision to take the show's score in a different direction to his predecessor, rather than simply attempt to imitate Hammer's now-famous sound. Truman's background music is heavily rock-based, with extensive use of electric guitars and drums, giving the show's score a darker, more menacing feel, a quality that is often said to fit well with the bleak tone of season 5.

In addition to his background cues, Truman also composed three full songs for use the show, starting with "Everything Inside Of Me" (for which he also provided lead vocals), originally only used because the production team's initial choice for the scene, a song by John Mellencamp, could not be secured. Due to the warm reception the track received, Truman was later asked to compose two further songs for the series.

Truman's work on Miami Vice has never been commercially released, despite a high level of demand from fans and the success of similar releases by Jan Hammer. However, some of Truman's material is available in bootleg form online, and has recently begun appearing on YouTube.

After ViceEdit

Following the cancellation of Miami Vice, Truman continued to record music for television, composing scores for both television series and made-for-TV movies, including a stint on the supernatural drama Charmed and as lead composer for the series Melrose Place, Providence and Jeremiah.

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