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February 13, 1987
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August 21, 1987
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TV-14 L-V
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"Theresa" is the sixteenth episode of Miami Vice's third season. The episode premiered on February 13, 1987 and repeated on August 21, 1987.


Crockett's addicted girlfriend is tied into a drug dealer, and the link jeopardizes Crockett's case against him.


Crockett is chatting with his girlfriend, Dr. Theresa Lyons (Helena Bonham Carter) while on stakeout for a dealer named Joey Wyatt (Brad Dourif). They start to move in, but are foiled when a nosy neighbor calls in neighborhood security. They ward the security guards off with their badges and charge into the house. One of the men attempts to flush coke down the toilet and Wyatt tries to split with the money, but are both caught. An approaching helicopter with 100 keys of cocaine is waved off by one of Wyatt's men and dumps its load in the ocean.

100 keys of cocaine into the ocean

Crockett and Theresa spend some quality time on the St. Vitus Dance before she goes on shift at the hospital, where she is privately confronted by Rudy Ramos (Calvin Levels). He gives Theresa drugs in exchange for the address of an evidence locker, threatening to expose her if she doesn't cooperate. Crockett testifies at Wyatt's prelim and the judge orders Wyatt held without bond. Leaving court, Tubbs notices Ramos conversing with Wyatt, and finds they share the same attorney, though Ramos doesn't pay nearly as much as Wyatt does in fees. Crockett shows the engagement ring he bought Theresa, and plans to pop the question that night. Tubbs receives a call from a Property warehouse requesting that Crockett stop by to sign in one of Wyatt's tapes. Meanwhile, a van shows up at Property; the men inside kill the officers at the gate and blow up the warehouse, killing three more officers inside. Crockett arrives in time to witness the explosion.

Crockett laments not being able to pop the question as he planned due to the incident. Meanwhile, Theresa injects herself with pain-killers before another emergency case comes into the ER. With the destruction of the Property warehouse, several cases are down the drain, including Wyatt's, and District Attorney Gordon Martinez (Richard Chaves) is concerned Wyatt is going to walk. Castillo indicates all lead investigators (including Crockett) who had evidence at the warehouse face suspension until the leak is isolated. Tubbs finds a copy of Crockett's case file on the clipboard at the guard station, which must have been used as a ruse to get inside. Realizing no one had access to his files except Theresa, Crockett confronts her at the hospital. When Crockett demands to know why, Theresa admits she had become addicted to Dilaudid since her back surgery a couple of years ago -- she gets it off the street after warnings of license revocation from the Medical Board for taking it from the hospital's supplies. She didn't want to tell Crockett because he would have to arrest her (which would cause the Board to revoke her license), but she had no idea that Ramos was connected to Wyatt. Crockett desperately wants to help and embraces her.

IAD suspends Crockett with pay while Martinez' investigation continues. Crockett goes to a treatment center and speaks to Dr. Chaney (Michele Shay), who prepares Crockett for how rough Theresa's life is going to be now, and warns that if she loses her license she will blame Crockett, because he busted her. Crockett says he is prepared to sacrifice his Vice career to take care of Theresa, but Chaney says even that may not be enough. Tubbs chases down Ramos and holds his head in a toilet until Ramos admits that he took Crockett's case file but had nothing to do with the explosion; he gave the file to a man named Arzola (Timmy Cappello). Switek and Tubbs find him at a hotel, but Arzola begins shooting and escapes in a car, with Switek and Tubbs in pursuit. Crockett (called in by Trudy) intercepts Arzola, willing to cut a deal, but Arzola shoots at him and runs off - right into the path of an oncoming car, which runs him over.

Theresa speaks with Martinez about setting up Wyatt by offering a surveillance tape (that "survived the blast") for a pound of heroin. Crockett arrives and is furious with Martinez, who assures him Theresa will be protected and probably get off with probation. Crockett says no one in the department can help her with maintaining her license; Martinez reminds Crockett IAD hasn't begun to really crank it up and if he refuses to let Theresa cooperate everyone will want to see him fry. Crockett comes up with a counter-proposal -- let him take Wyatt the tape, as he is now a bad cop looking to deal. Martinez is OK with it if the IAD officer (Zach Grenier) is. An indignant Theresa and Crockett talk, and Crockett lets her know how important it is to him that she get better. Switek makes a bogus tape by splicing together old depositions from Wyatt's previous trials. IAD meets with Crockett and Martinez and reluctantly agrees to the plan. However, he leaves it in Castillo's hands, and threatens that if the deal fails IAD will go after him as well.

The meet is set with Wyatt, but just as he leaves Crockett gets a call from Dr. Chaney; Theresa got a call from the Medical Board, presumably revoking her license, and abruptly left the treatment center. Tubbs promises to find her while Crockett goes to see Wyatt. During the meet, Tubbs finds Theresa OD'd in a car and rushes her to the hospital. Wyatt admits to paying Arzola $100K to blow up the warehouse, and tells Crockett he'll go on Wyatt's payroll if he wants to sell his tape. Crockett, enraged, swats Wyatt's goons aside and brutally beats him until Switek pulls him away; Castillo lets him know about Theresa, who eventually pulls through.

Wyatt is again denied bond at his hearing. Crockett wants Theresa to attend a special program in Hartford to clean up addicted doctors. Theresa, at first thinking Crockett wants to break it off with her, begs to stay with him, but Crockett insists, because he loves her and wants her to recover. Crockett returns to stakeout duty, all the while staring at the ring he didn't give Theresa.


Guest StarsEdit





  • During the Arzola chase scene, Arzola's gun switches back and forth between a Colt 1911 and a Browning Hi-Power, indicating shots from two different takes of the scene were edited together for the final version.
  • In the climactic fight scene, Wyatts' stunt double is clearly seen when Crockett throws him over the chair. Not only are his face and hair obviously different, an elbow pad can be seen protruding. It is then absent when Crockett is punching Wyatt in the face.

Production NotesEdit

  • Working Title: "Sarita"
  • Filmed: December 11, 1986 - December 19, 1986
  • Production Code: 62024
  • Production Order: 61

Filming LocationsEdit

  • Under Miami Avenue Bridge (Evidence warehouse)
  • The Carlyle, 1250 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach (Tubbs/Crockett chase Arzola)
  • Surfside Treatment Center, North Miami Beach (Rehab clinic where Theresa is referred)
  • East end Hibiscus Island (Wyatt's house)


Jan Hammer MusicEdit

  • "Theresa" (Evidence warehouse explosion, Theresa doing drugs, Crockett confronts Theresa about his case file being found at the crime scene)


  • "When Caroline and I got married, we went for the plain gold band... she deserved better!" -- Crockett
  • "Ramos: I want my lawyer!" "Tubbs: Find him in there! (the toilet)"
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