The Fixx
Miami Vice Performer
Cy Curnin
Jamie West-Oram
Rupert Greenall
Adam Woods
Dan K. Brown

The Fixx is an English New Wave band whose songs "Phantom Living" (in "Tale of the Goat") and "I'm Life" (from "Over the Line") appeared in series Miami Vice.


The group was formed in London by Cy Curnin (vocals) and Adam Woods (drums) in 1979 as The Portraits. They later added Rupert Greenall (Keyboards), Tony McGrail (guitar), and Charlie Barrett (bass), released two singles, neither of which were successful. In 1980 McGrail left and replaced by Jamie West-Oram and changed their name to The Fix (later adding the second "X" to avoid the implication of being drug users). Before the new band's first album, Shuttered Room (featuring "Stand or Fall") was recorded, Barret left the band, replaced by Alfie Agius on bass, then he left before their second album, "Reach The Beach" was recorded, and replaced by Dan K. Brown, though his bass lines were evident in their first two singles from Beach--"Saved By Zero" and "One Thing Leads To Another" (their only Billboard Top 10 single), their third song from the album, "The Sign of Fire" also reached the Top 20. 1984 brought their third album, Phantoms (featuring "Phantom Living") and included "Are We Ourselves" (#15 on the Billboard Hot 100), "Sunshine In The Shade", and "Deeper and Deeper" (featured in the movie Streets of Fire). 1986's Walkabout featured "Secret Separation", and 1987's React (featuring both live and recorded material) didn't do well. They released two more albums, 1988's Calm Animals (featuring "I'm Life") and 1991's Ink (featuring the band's final Top 40 single, "How Much Is Enough"), but sales were not well for either.

In the 1990s the band recorded two more studio albums; 1993's Elemental and 1999's 1011 Woodland, then a 2003 album Want That Life, and they went through several changes, Brown left in 1994 and was replaced by bassist Chris Tate, later himself replaced by Gary Tibbs, then Dan K. Brown returned in 2008, and they had a 25th anniversary tour that same year. The Fixx released their tenth studio album, Beautiful Friction, in 2012.

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