Stuart Whitley


Freelance photojournalist
Deceased, killed by hanging at the hands of Carlos Escobar and Eric Haliwell
Episode Appeared In
Played By

Stuart Whitley was a freelancing photojournalist, who used any means necessary to get his story, even dressing up as Santa Claus to get a story from a grieving widow. In 1989 Whitley was in Miami to investigate the Asian-style hooker killings, taking pictures of call girls (and nearly getting arrested for obstructing an investigation), visiting Mr. Dyson (in the guise of a priest) after his daughter Sandy was killed, and tells Dyson that Tegoro killed his daughter (which caused Dyson's death when he confronted Togoro). Whitley then questions Professor Eric Haliwell about the unusual Asian symbols carved into each victim's back, when he gets nowhere, Whitley breaks into Haliwell's home and finds numerous pictures of the victims, when Haliwell and Carlos Escobar find Whitley there, they take him somewhere to show him what pain and torture are really like, and kill him by hanging.

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