Steve Buscemi


Miami Vice Character
December 13, 1957, Brooklyn, New York
Jo Andres (1987-present), one son

Steven Vincent Buscemi (born December 13, 1957, Brooklyn, New York) is an American actor and director, who appeared as Rickles, middleman for the Bolivian drug dealer Mendez in the episode "El Viejo" of the series Miami Vice.


Buscemi began as a firefighter with the FDNY before beginning his acting career in 1985, making his debut in the movie The Way It Is, followed by appearances in Sleepwalk, Call Me (with Stephen McHattie, Patti D'Arbanville, and David Strathairn), Vibes (with Cyndi Lauper), King of New York (with Laurence Fishburne, Wesley Snipes, Giancarlo Esposito, and Paul Calderon), Miller's Crossing (with John Turturro and Jon Polito, his first of six movies with the Coen Brothers), In The Soup (with Stanley Tucci), Reservoir Dogs (with Michael Madsen), Twenty Bucks (with David Rasche), Rising Sun (with Wesley Snipes, Kevin Anderson, and Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa), Pulp Fiction (with Amanda Plummer, Bruce Willis, and Ving Rhames), Airheads (with Michael Richards), For producer Jerry Bruckheimer, Buscemi starred in both Con Air(1997) (with John Diehl, Ving Rhames and Mykelti Williamson) and Armageddon(1998) directed by Michael Bay) Desperado (with Joaquim de Almeida), Escape From L.A. (with Pam Grier), 28 Days (with Viggo Mortensen and Reni Santoni), Ghost World (with Bob Balaban), Charlotte's Web (with Julia Roberts), Grown-Ups (with Chris Rock) and his most recent film appearance, in 2012's On The Road (with Mortensen).

His first TV appearance was in the cable show Not Necessarily The News, followed by The Equalizer (episode with Keith Szarabajka, Graham Beckel, Joe Morton, Stewart Copeland, and David Johansen), Lonesome Dove, Homicide: Life On The Street (with Richard Belzer and Melissa Leo, also directed an episode), sixteen episodes of The Sopranos (with Tony Sirico), 30 Rock (five episodes, for which he received an Emmy nomination) and his most recent appearance, in the cable series Boardwalk Empire, for which he won a Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Television Series in 2011 and nominated for an Emmy in 2012.

Personal LifeEdit

Buscemi married actress Jo Andres in 1987, they have one son, Lucian.

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