Sonny Landham


Miami Vice Character
February 11, 1941, Canton, Georgia

William M. "Sonny" Landham (born February 11, 1941, Canton, Georgia) is an American actor and politician who appeared as Toad, one of Reb Brown's Violator gang in the episode "Viking Bikers from Hell" of the series Miami Vice.


Landham began his career in pornographic films before turning to the mainstream, appearing in the films The Warriors (with James Remar, David Patrick Kelly, and John Snyder), Gloria (with J.C. Quinn), Southern Comfort (with Brion James), Poltergeist, 48 Hrs. (with Olivia Brown, Brion James, David Patrick Kelly, James Remar and Jack Thibeau), and his most recent film, Disintegration. Landham's TV career began on the show BJ and the Bear, followed by The A-Team, The Fall Guy, and his most recent TV appearance, in the movie Extralarge: Condor Mission.

Landham also delved into politics, mounting unsuccessful runs for governor of Kentucky on the Republican ticket in 2003 and U.S. Senate on the Libertarian ticket in 2008.

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