Someone To Watch Over Me
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"Someone To Watch Over Me" is a song performed by Saundra Santiago, performed in the Miami Vice episode "Heroes of the Revolution".


  • "Someone To Watch Over Me" is the final song of Miami Vice's third season.
  • Saundra Santiago displays her musical talents in this episode. She is the fourth member of the main Miami Vice cast to sing on the show, performing both "Stormy Weather" and this track.
  • The song was written in 1926 by George & Ira Gershwin for the musical Oh, Kay!. It has been covered by such artists as Frank Sinatra, Ray Conniff, and Willie Nelson.
  • Saundra Santiago's version has not appeared on any album or as a single, making it one of the few Miami Vice songs never to see a release in any form outside of the show.
  • "Someone To Watch Over Me" was also featured in Edward James Olmos' series Battlestar Galactica (albeit obliquely, serving as an episode title) and in Dean Stockwell's series Quantum Leap.
Saundra Santiago (as Gina Calabrese) sings03:20

Saundra Santiago (as Gina Calabrese) sings

Gina singing "Somebody To Watch..."

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