Roy Datz
Miami Vice Characters
Dimitri ("Heart of Night")
Priest ("Freefall")

Roy Datz made his TV debut as Dimitri, Ma Sek's accomplice in the episode "Heart of Night", and a priest in the episode "Freefall" of the series Miami Vice.

Selected FilmographyEdit

Year Film Notes MV Actors Appeared
1986 Band of the Hand First movie appearance Directed by Paul Michael Glaser
Produced by Michael Mann
Michael Carmine
Al Shannon
Paul Calderon
Laurence Fishburne
James Remar
Bill Smitrovich
Dan Fitzgerald
Julian Byrd
Jim Zubiena
Nelson Oramas
Antoni Corone
Joe Petrullo
1987 Making Mr. Right Robert Trebor
1990 21 Jump Street (TV Series) Elpidia Carrillo
Jorge Gil
Xavier Coronel
Mario Ernesto Sanchez
Miami Blues Most recent movie appearance Raphael Gomez
1997 Lawless (TV series) Most recent TV appearance W. Paul Bodie
Jay Amor

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