Rita Amato


Wife of Tony Amato
Episode Appeared In
Played By

Rita Amato is the wife of gun runner Tony Amato. Rita and Tony's relationship was of an abusive nature, with Tony abusing here both verbally (saying bad things about how she was dressed, that she's worthless, etc.) and physically (pushing her into the pool, slapping her around, etc.). This enraged James "Sonny" Crockett, who was doing surveillance on Tony as part of an arms investigation. Rita eventually hired a hitman to kill Tony, but Crockett intercepted him and assumed his identity until Rita admitted she could not go through with it, telling Crockett her previous attempt to leave Tony that resulted in Tony's goons doing harm to her lawyer's wife, and saying their daughter was next unless the lawyer dropped Rita's case. Crockett then identified himself as police and they took Rita to OCB, where they promised to help bring Tony down, which they did, but another government agency demanded (with a court order) his release due to Tony's importance to certain government interests, and when Rita arrived and saw Tony was released, she pulled a gun and shot him.

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