Reb Brown


Miami Vice Character
April 29, 1948, Los Angeles, California
Cisse Cameron

Robert "Reb" Brown is an American actor who appeared as Reb Gustafson, leader of his Violators gang which includes Toad and Lascoe, and friend of The Wire in the episode "Viking Bikers from Hell" of the series Miami Vice.


Brown's acting debut was in the 1973 movie SSSSSSS, followed by appearances in Big Wednesday (with Patti D'Arbanville), Hardcore, Fast Break (with Bernard King), Uncommon Valor, Flight of the Intruder (with Ving Rhames), Cage and its' sequel Cage II, The Deli (with Judith Malina), and his most recent film, 2012's Night Claws (with Frank Stallone).

His TV credits are extensive, including his debut in Owen Marshall: Counselor At Law (with Reni Santoni), followed by Emergency!, The Six Million Dollar Man, The Rockford Files (with Joe Santos), Happy Days, the title role of the TV movie Captain America and its' sequel, Captain America II: Death Too Soon, The Facts of Life, Bosom Buddies, Quincy, M.E. (with Val Bisoglio), and his most recent appearance, in the series Players. Brown is currently married to actress Cisse Cameron (Billy Jack, The Ted Knight Show, Porky's II: The Next Day).

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