Rafael Tubbs

Rafael Tubbs

NYPD Vice Detective
Deceased, shot dead by Esteban Calderone's men in a 1984 botched drug deal
Episode Appeared In
Played By
Ernest Robinson (uncredited)

Rafael Tubbs was a detective with the New York Police Department (NYPD), working in the Narcotics/Vice Division. His younger brother, Ricardo, idolized him and chose to become a cop because of him, being assigned to the Bronx Armed Robbery Division of NYPD. In 1984, Rafael was working a drug deal with the Colombian Esteban Calderone when he and his partner were "made" by Calderone's men, and both cops were killed. Ricardo, who had been watching over the deal and witnessed the shootings, held Rafael in his arms as he died. Ricardo then swore revenge for his brother's death, and used forged NYPD clearance documents to get down to Calderone's operation in Miami, assuming his brother's name, and teaming up with Metro-Dade Vice Detective James "Sonny" Crockett (who also was after Calderone for some deaths in Miami) to locate the dealer. Crockett found out about Ricardo's ruse and threatened to pull out of the deal, but the two worked together to arrest Calderone, despite being tempted to shoot the man who killed his brother. Ricardo never forgot about his brother's death, finally getting payback when Calderone was killed later in 1984, then Ricardo killing his son, Orlando, in 1987 after the younger Calderone killed Ricardo's "woman", Orlando's half-sister Angelina Madeira in 1986.

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