Peter Sellars


Miami Vice Character
September 27, 1957, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Peter Sellars (born September 27, 1957) is an American theatre director, who made his acting debut in the show Miami Vice as Dr. O'Hara, who tells Crockett, Tubbs and Castillo about the toxin that allowed an allegedly dead Legba (played by Clarence Williams III) in the episode "Tale of the Goat".


Sellars was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His forte is making modern interpretations of classical operas and plays, such as Antony & Cleopatra in a swimming pool, a techno-industrial performance of King Lear, and an outer-space setting for Orlando. He only appeared as an actor in Vice, the movie Happy New Year (with Anthony Heald), and King Lear. Sellars is a professor of World Arts & at UCLA.

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