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Nugart Neville Lamont (born 1954) was a street-wise ex-con, known as "Noogie" or "The Noogman", who served as an informant for James "Sonny" Crockett and Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs on drug cases.


Lamont had a rap sheet, mainly dealing in stolen merchandise, he had been arrested in 1983 and spent a year in jail (with Desmond Maxwell) before getting out in 1984, returning to the Miami streets to work his old connections but was getting nowhere.


Lamont met Vice cops Crockett and Tubbs during a burglary sting operation in Broward, when they used him to stop the drug ripoffs led by Maxwell, but during the operation Lamont was shot in the arm, but survived and decided to work with Crockett and Tubbs because "he saw the big picture". Lamont likes to sing pop songs and be happy-go-lucky, and loves the ladies.

Noogman soon helped solve the Ramirez and Alvardo case (and save Gina Calabrese's life by arranging for another streetperson named "Trick Baby" to fill them in on the bad guys plan to kill Gina (and Crockett earned Noogie's respect by not giving up an informant's identity, and going to jail to prevent it). Later he provided the info that broke open General Lao Li's grandsons' plan to introduce "China White that's just right", after that worked with Switek and Zito and fellow informant Izzy Moreno to bring down Costelada, a stolen goods midddleman, then married stripper Ample Annie in a strip/wedding ceremony. Lamont left the streets, seen again on a boat with pirate radio DJ Captain Hook, and finally with Moreno having a sword fight opening a new movie when a strange man ran through their fight eating tons of peanut butter. After that, the Noogman disappeared into the Miami streets.

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