Norman Parker


Miami Vice Character
Nick Pappas

Norman Parker appeared in the show Miami Vice as Nick Pappas, Special Agent, in the episode "No Exit".

Early CareerEdit

Parker was born in Brooklyn, New York. His career started on the gothic soap opera Dark Shadows in 1969, then remained in the soap opera genre with roles on Ryan's Hope, As The World Turns, and The Edge of Night.

Miami ViceEdit

Perker was cast in the series Miami Vice as special agent (presumably with the FBI) in the episode "No Exit", who was out to assist (by force, if needed) in the investigation of Tony Amato (played by Bruce Willis).

After ViceEdit

After his Vice appearance, Parker appeared in the TV series Family Ties, Baby Boom, Valerie, Falcon Crest, Beverly Hills 90210, and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, among others. His last recorded role was in the movie The Medicine Show (with Annabelle Gurwitch) in 2001.

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