Mustang Sally
Featured in Episode
Top Chart Position (Hot 100)
26 (January 7, 1967, one week)
Year Released
Mack Rice
RIAA Certification
Sequence song appears
In Tommy's garage
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"Mustang Sally" is a song performed by Wilson Pickett, recorded in 1966. The song appeared in the Miami Vice episode "One Way Ticket".


  • According to music historian Tom Shannon, the song started out as a joke when Della Reese's bandleader wanted a new Ford Mustang. Mack Rice changed the title from "Mustang Mama" to "Mustang Sally" after a suggestion from Aretha Franklin.
  • The song has been covered by such artists as The Rascals, The Chambers Brothers, The Kingsmen, and Bruce Springsteen, and is a staple of blues bands across the world.
Wilson Picket rare03:02

Wilson Picket rare

Wilson Pickett's live Mustang Sally

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