Moira Kaplan


Adoptive Mother of Alex Kaplan/Jose Daniel Escobar
Episode Appeared In
Played By

Moira Kaplan is a resident of an affluent section of Miami. In 1985 she adopted a Colombian baby she named "Alex Kaplan", never knowing he was brought to this country illegally by attorney Howard Famiglia and adopted for the sum of $50,000. Later, Alex's biological mother, Maria Escobar, stowed away on an airplane loaded with more Colombian babies (three of which died) looking for her son, Jose Daniel Escobar, who has an angionoma on his left shoulder. During the investigation of the deaths Metro-Dade Vice found a match at the Kaplan home, and Alex turned out to be Jose Daniel, but Maria, Gina Calabrese and Trudy Joplin were ran off the Kaplan estate, then she made a call to Famiglia to warn him about the Vice investigation. Later, when Famiglia's scheme was uncovered and he was killed, Maria returned to take Jose Daniel home to Colombia, but seeing her son's sad look, the Kaplan's sadness (and the fact Alex did not know his mother) influenced Maria to allow Alex/Jose to stay with the only parents he's ever known.

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