May Ying


Wife of Ma Sek
Former wife of Martin "Marty" Castillo
Mother of unnamed son (died 1988)
Episodes Appeared In
Played By

May Ying was a Thai woman who met Martin "Marty" Castillo while he was undercover for the DEA in Thailand and the "Golden Triangle" area in Southeast Asia. They fell in love and married, but during a DEA operation Castillo was involved in, the team was ambushed by forces of General Lao Li, arranged by CIA operative Dale Menton, when Castillo was not found, they shelled his home and he assumed May Ying was killed. In fact, she survived, married another man, Ma Sek, and had a son. In 1985, Ma Sek got a job with the Consolidated Textiles Corporation (which in reality was a Lao Li corporate front), and moved the family to Miami. The reason Ma Sek got the job offer was to use the family as hostages to prevent Castillo from moving against Lao Li, who moved his "commodities" operation to Miami. When Lao Li was arrested for attempted murder of his grandsons, May Ying and her family returned to Thailand.


May Ying in 1988

Castillo still had strong feelings for May Ying, and let her know if she ever ran into trouble to find him, giving her a key to his home if needed. In 1988 May Ying's car was hit by a drunk driver and her son was killed in the accident, something she blamed herself (and also Ma Sek blamed her) for. Ma Sek had fallen into drug dealings in Ecuador with the Rivas cartel and fled for Miami, when May Ying looked up her former husband for help, angering Ma Sek (whose feelings of jealousy, not present before, had begun to show). Castillo agreed to help out, but May Ying was kidnapped by Rivas' men, but before they took her away looking for Ma Sek she wrote their location in Thai so that only Castillo would know where they were. May Ying found out the true reason the Rivas were after them; he stole from the cartel, and he and his accomplice, Dimitri, were going to take Rivas' packages and sell them. However May Ying was wired and the police heard all, after which Ma Sek became enraged with anger and jealousy, and began choking his wife when Castillo arrived, subdued Ma Sek in a martial arts battle, and arrested him for murder and conspiracy. May Ying shared one last embrace with her former husband (and one true love) and she returned to her homeland.

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