Lupo Ramirez


Deceased, shot by Gina Calabrese
Episode Appeared In
Played By

Lupo Ramirez (1940-1984) was the head of a call girl/prostitution ring in the Miami area, in partnership with drug dealer Sally Alvarado. Ramirez was intolerant of anyone who dared go on their own after working for him: Two girls were killed (and carved on) after starting their own service. When Gina Calabrese got inside his organization, Ramirez got suspicious after hearing of possible police activity near his location after Gina started working, and wanted her killed, but before that, he lured Gina to his place under the guise of a "party" so he could have sex with her, and to protect her cover, she complied. Cinco, who works for both Ramirez and Alvarado, was hired to kill Gina, but when he was wounded by Trudy he spilled all about both men. Gina, feeling humiliated after Ramirez's actions towards her, went to arrest Ramirez, but he refused to go quietly, and when he drew a knife on Gina, she shot him dead.

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