Lee H. Katzin
Miami Vice Director
April 12, 1935, Detroit, Michigan
October 30, 2002, Beverly Hills, California (age 67, cancer)

Lee H. Katzin (April 12, 1935 - October 30, 2002) directed the episodes "Cool Runnin'" and "One Eyed Jack" in the series Miami Vice.


Katzin was born in Detroit, Michigan. He began his career as an assistant director in the western series The Rebel in 1961, then assumed the same role for the series The Outer Limits, Rawhide, and Branded, then made his directorial debut in the same series. He also directed two episodes and was production manager for the western The Wild Wild West. Other directorial appearances include the series Hondo, The Rat Patrol, Mannix, Mission: Impossible (for which Katzin won an Emmy for Outstanding Directorial Achievement in a Drama in 1968), Space: 1999, In The Heat of the Night, The Young Riders, and Walker, Texas Ranger. He also directed over 20 television movies over his career. His final directorial appearance was in 1999's Restraining Order (with Dean Stockwell).


Katzin died of cancer on October 30, 2002, at the age of 67.

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