Member of the Violators
Deceased, killed during shootout with Metro-Dade SRT
Episode Appeared In
Played By

Lascoe was a member of the Violators, who provided security for the drug dealer known as Edward "The Wire" Constandine. He, along with Toad, were friends of Reb Gustafson, who was real close with The Wire, and worked with him to kill everyone involved with The Wire's death. Lascoe had a sarcastic tone about him, but also some gentleness, as he brought in a man named Charlie to help Reb but was killed because Red didn't want to ride on the back of his bike. Lascoe, Toad, and Brown helped kill four dealers before he (along with Toad) was later shot and killed by Metro-Dade SRT when they hit the hideout of the entire gang.

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