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Kevyn Major Howard
Miami Vice Character
FBI Agent Bates ("Line of Fire")

Kevyn Major Howard appeared as FBI Agent Bates in the episode "Line of Fire" of the series Miami Vice.

Selected FilmographyEdit

Year Film Notes MV Actors Appeared
1980 Trapper John, M.D. (TV series) First TV appearance
1981 The Big Black Pill (TV movie) Veronica Cartwright
1982 Death Wish II First movie appearance
1983 For Love and Honor (TV series) Olivia Brown
Scarface Pepe Serna
Al Israel
Sudden Impact "Hawkins", who Dirty Harry thought was "nothing but dogshit" Jack Thibeau
1987 Full Metal Jacket Rafterman the combat photographer R. Lee Ermey
Vincent D'Onofrio
1988 Alien Nation Willie Nelson
Nathan Lane
Stanley Tucci
1996 The Real Thing Most recent movie appearance James Russo
Esai Morales
1999 Crusade (TV series) Most recent TV appearance

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