Kelly Lynch


Miami Vice Character
Lori Swann ("Death and the Lady")
January 31, 1959, Golden Valley, Minnesota
Mitch Glazer (1992-present), one daughter from previous relationship

Kelly Colleen Lynch (born January 31, 1959, Golden Valley, Minnesota) is an American actress and model who appeared as Lori Swann, porn actress in the episode "Death and the Lady" of the series Miami Vice.


Lynch started out working for the Elite Modeling Agency, then moved into acting, debuting in the 1983 film Portfolio, later appearing in Cocktail, Road House, Drugstore Cowboy (with James Remar), Curly Sue, Imaginary Crimes (with Vincent D'Onofrio), White Man's Burden (with Margaret Avery and Tom Bower), Heaven's Prisoners (with Paul Guilfoyle), Persons Unknown (with Xander Berkeley and Antoni Corone), Cold Around The Heart (with Pruitt Taylor Vince), Mr. Magoo (with Miguel Ferrer), Charlie's Angels, and her most recent film, A Good Funeral (with Gary Cole). Lynch turned down the role of "Catherine Tramell" in the movie Basic Instinct (which went to Sharon Stone).

Lynch's TV career began on a 1986 episode of The Equalizer (with Carlos Cestero), later roles included The Hitchhiker, Ally McBeal, The L Word (with Pam Grier), the remade series 90210, and her most recent TV appearance, in the cable series Magic City.

Personal LifeEdit

Lynch married screenwriter Mitch Glazer (Scrooged, The Recruit, and creator of the series Magic City which Lynch appeared in) in 1992, she has one daughter, Shane (born 1986 and an actress herself, appearing with her mother in 90210) from a previous relationship.

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