Kamala Lopez


Miami Vice Character

Kamala Lopez-Dawson is an American actress, screenwriter and director, who made her acting debut in the show Miami Vice as Maria Rojas, sister of crime lord Sergio Clemente, forced out of the Witness Protection Program by Federal Agent Joe Dalva (played by Albert Hall), kills her brother before a sniper kills her in the episode "Definitely Miami".

Career/Selected FilmographyEdit

Lopez-Dawson has appeared in many TV shows and movies since her Vice debut, including the following:

Lopez-Dawson also produced and directed the film A Single Woman (with Karen Black), a film about the first US Congresswoman, Jeannette Rankin (1880-1973), and Lopez-Dawson is a co-founder of the indie film podcast, Fat Free Films, and is a frequent blogger on the Huffington Post.

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