June Gable


Miami Vice Character
Dr. Ellen Hardy ("Too Much, Too Late")
June 5, 1945, New York City, New York

June Gable (born June 5, 1945, New York City, New York) appeared as Dr. Ellen Hardy, who wanted to speak to Lynette after her rape by Billy Swain in the episode "Too Much, Too Late" of the series Miami Vice.

Gable was famous for her Broadway roles, three times appearing in the play Candide in the 1970s, then appearing in the infamous play Moose Murders which opened and closed in the same night in 1983. Her most known (and most recent) TV role was that of "Estelle Leonard", Joey Tribbiani's "agent" in the series Friends for 21 episodes from 1994-2003. Other TV roles include Barney Miller, Crime Story (with Dennis Farina and Bill Smitrovich), and Dream On (with Denny Dillon). Her only movie roles were in Brenda Starr and She-Devil (with Maria Pitillo and Sylvia Miles).

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