Julian Reyes


Miami Vice Character
Raul Escobar ("The Maze")
November 13, 1961, New York, New York
Maura (1988-present), 3 children

Nelson Reyes (born November 13, 1961) is an American actor that goes by the name Julian Reyes. He made his film debut in the show Miami Vice as Raul Escobar, one of the murderous Escobar brothers in the episode "The Maze".

Early Life/CareerEdit

Reyes was born in New York, New York. After his film debut in Miami Vice, he appeared in the short-lived series What A Country!. He made his film debut in 1990's Die Hard 2 (with Bruce Willis and Karla Tamburrelli), Predator 2 (with Ruben Blades and Bill Paxton), and Point Break (with Lori Petty). His most recent appearance was in the miniseries Good God in 2006.

Personal LifeEdit

Julian has been married since 1988 and he has three children.

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