Judith Malina


Miami Vice Character
Sunrise Hotel Clerk ("Duty and Honor")
June 4, 1926, Kiel, Germany
Julian Beck (1948-1985, his death), two children
Hanon Reznikov (1988-2008, his death)

Judith Malina (born June 4, 1926, Kiel, Germany) is a German stage and screen actress who appeared as a clerk in the Sunrise Hotel, later killed by The Savage in the episode "Duty and Honor" of the series Miami Vice.


Malina began studying theatre in 1945, later founding The Living Theatre with future husband Julian Beck in 1947, which has remained open despite a ten year closure due to IRS tax issues in 1963 that resulted in the couple leaving the US until 1968. When they returned, Malina and Beck split the Theatre into three groups; one went to India to learn about Indian theatre arts, one went to the burgeoning pop scene in London, and the third (including Malina and Beck) went to Brazil. Malina directed the play Red Noir in 2009-10.

Her film acting career started back in 1954, appearing in the early TV series Molly, some of her other credits include The Queen of Sheba Meets the Atom Man (with Beck), Dog Day Afternoon, No Picnic (with Luis Guzman and Steve Buscemi), The Secret of My Succe$s (with Margaret Whitton and John Pankow), China Girl (with James Russo), the TV series The Equalizer (with Keith Szarabajka, episode with Paul Guilfoyle), The Addams Family (with Dan Hedaya and Tony Azito), The Sopranos (her most recent TV appearance), and When In Rome (her most recent movie appearance, in 2010).

Personal LifeEdit

Malina married Julian Beck in 1948 until his death from stomach cancer in 1985, despite having an unconventional arrangement (Beck had a male partner and Malina had several men as well) they had two children; Garrick and Isha. Malina then met Hanon Rezkinov, a member of her Living Theatre troup, they married in 1988 and remained together until his death from a stroke and resulting pneumonia in 2008.

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