Joseph Turkel
Miami Vice Character
July 15, 1927, Brooklyn, New York

Joseph Turkel (born July 15, 1927, Brooklyn, New York) is an American character actor who appeared as Levec, a drug dealer in the episode "Indian Wars", of the series Miami Vice.

Selected FilmographyEdit

Year Film Notes MV Actors Appeared
1949 City Across The River First movie appearance
1952 Boston Blackie (TV series) First TV appearance
1960-63 The Untouchables (TV series)
1970 Adam-12 (TV series)
1975 The Hindenburg
1977 Which Way Is Up? Lonette McKee
Margaret Avery
1980 The Shining
1982 Blade Runner Edward James Olmos
Brion James
James Hong
1990 The Dark Side of the Moon Most recent movie appearance John Diehl
1998 Boy Meets World (TV series) Most recent TV appearance

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