John Cunningham


Miami Vice Character
Myles Cowan ("Vote of Confidence")
June 22, 1932, Auburn, New York

John Cunningham (born June 22, 1932, Auburn, New York) is an American stage and screen actor who appeared as Myles Cowan, gubernatorial candidate and opponent of Tom Pierce in the episode "Vote of Confidence" of the series Miami Vice.


Cunningham has appeared on the stage, performing in the play Titanic: A New Musical and in many Shakesperean plays.

Below is a selected list of his appearances on film:

Year Film Notes MV Actors Appeared
1965 The Secret Storm (TV soap opera) First TV appearance
1978 Matilda First movie appearance
1985 Key Exchange Alix Elias
Ned Eisenberg
1986 Twisted J.C. Quinn
1987 Hello Again Tony Sirico
Austin Pendleton
1988 Mystic Pizza Julia Roberts
Vincent D'Onofrio
1991-93 As The World Turns (TV Soap Opera)
1993 For Love or Money Bob Balaban
1995 Nixon John Diehl
1997 The Jackal Bruce Willis
2000 Shaft Dan Hedaya
2004 The Warrior Class Most recent movie appearance Hedaya
David Thornton
Mark Blum
2009 30 Rock Most recent TV appearance Steve Buscemi

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