Jo Anderson


Miami Vice Character
Faye Nell Portis ("Amen... Send Money")
June 29, 1958, New York City, New York

Jo Anderson (born June 29, 1958, New York City, New York) is an American actress who appeared as Faye Nell Portis, a member of the Rev. Bill Bob Proverb's "angels" who falsely accused Detective Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs of rape, then passed a lie detector test about it in the episode "Amen... Send Money" of the series Miami Vice.

Selected FilmographyEdit

  • Jamaica Inn (TV movie, 1983, first TV appearance)
  • Miles From Home (1988, first movie appearance, with Brian Dennehy, Kevin Anderson, and Terry Kinney)
  • thirtysomething (TV, 1988, with Lenny Von Dohlen)
  • Beauty and the Beast (TV, 1989-90, ten episodes, with Ron Perlman)
  • JFK (1992, with Jay O. Sanders)
  • Sisters (TV, 1994-95, ten episodes)
  • From the Earth to the Moon (TV, 1998, with David Andrews)
  • Roswell (TV, 1999-2001, six episodes)
  • The Closer (TV, 2005, with Kyra Sedgwick)
  • Fat Rose and Squeaky (2006, most recent movie appearance)
  • CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (TV, 2007, with Paul Guilfoyle)
  • CSI: Miami (TV, 2008)
  • Eleventh Hour (TV, 2009, most recent TV appearance)

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