Jane Brucker


Miami Vice Character
June 14, 1958, Falls Church, Virginia
Brian O'Connor (1986-1993, divorced), one child
Raul Vega (2001-present) one child

Jane Brucker (born June 14, 1958, Falls Church, Virginia) is an American actress who made her acting debut as Angela Mitchell, an employee for Social Services who was part of Howard Famiglia's illegal adoption ring in the episode "Baby Blues" of the series Miami Vice.


Brucker's movie debut was as Lisa Houseman, older sister of Frances "Baby" Houseman in 1987's Dirty Dancing, which made Brucker a household name. Her other movie appearances include Stealing Home (with Richard Jenkins), Bloodhounds of Broadway (with Madonna, Tony Azito, Anita Morris, and her Dancing co-star, Jennifer Grey), and her most recent movie appearance, 2005's Dishdogz.

Her other TV appearances include three episodes of Crime Story (with Dennis Farina, John Santucci, Bill Smitrovich, Debra Feuer, Michael DeLorenzo, Bruce McGill, Ismael "East" Carlo, Margaret Avery, and Pam Grier), Wiseguy (with William Russ and Jon Polito), Ellen, her most recent TV appearance.

Personal LifeEdit

Brucker married Brian O'Connor, who she appeared with in "Baby Blues", in 1986 until their divorce in 1993, they had one daughter, Sally O'Connor (born 1989), later marrying photographer Raul Vega in 2001.  They have a daughter named Rachel Vega born in 2004.

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