Jack Kenny
Miami Vice Character
March 9, 1958, Chicago, Illinois

Jack Kenny (born March 9, 1958, Chicago, Illinois) is an American actor, screenwriter, producer and director, who made his acting debut as Jerry Lee, a reporter for the National Inquisitor in the episode "Rock and a Hard Place" of the series Miami Vice.


Kenny began his career in acting, but was also a writer, penning episodes of Square One TV and Dave's World, then wrote and produced Caroline in the City, Titus, Wanda at Large, The Book of Daniel, and Warehouse 13. He has also directed episodes of Titus, Reba and Roommates. His acting career consisted of TV appearances in the series Murphy Brown, Picket Fences, Mad About You, Married...With Children (with Ed O'Neill), Blossom, Caroline in the City, Titus, and Roommates.

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