J.C. Quinn


Miami Vice Character
November 30, 1940, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
February 10, 2004, Juarez, Mexico (age 63, car crash)

J.C. Quinn (November 30, 1940 - February 10, 2004) was an American character actor, who appeared in the show Miami Vice as DEA Agent Walt Harrison, who doubles as a Calderone informant, disclosed the location of Angelina (played by Phanie Napoli) and her baby in the episode "Sons and Lovers"

Selected FilmographyEdit

Quinn was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He had a long career in the theater before beginning another long career in television & movies, his gruff voice and appearance often got him confused with fellow actor Harvey Keitel.

Below is a selected filmography:


Quinn was killed in a car crash near Juarez, Mexico on February 10, 2004, at the time of his death, Quinn was 63 years old.

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