Featured in Episode
Top Chart Position (Hot 100)
3 (November 13, 1971, two weeks)
Year Released
John Lennon
RIAA Certification
Sequence song appears
Opening with Caroon discussing British/IRA conflict
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"Imagine" is a song performed by John Lennon, recorded on the album Imagine in 1971. The song appeared in the Miami Vice episode "When Irish Eyes Are Crying".


  • "Imagine" is the first song of Miami Vice's third season.
  • The song is considered John Lennon's masterpiece, largely because of its' lyrics devoted to world peace. After Lennon's tragic murder in 1980, the song was re-released in the United Kingdom and hit #1 ten years after the song originally charted.
  • The song entered the Billboard Hot 100 at #20, a rare feat at that time, and reached its' peak position of #3 in only four weeks. Five weeks later, the song dropped from #23 completely off the Hot 100, also a rare feat.
  • "Imagine" has been used in countless movies, TV shows, special events, on the Space Shuttle Columbia on January 30, 2003 to wake up the astronauts, two days before its' tragic accident, and even recited in a 2009 Supreme Court decision regarding the messages on monuments.
John Lennon - Imagine00:00

John Lennon - Imagine

Video to "Imagine"

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