Helen Jackson


Daughter of Hans Kozak
Deceased, shot dead by Angelo Alvarez
Episode Appeared In
Played By

Helen Jackson was a reporter, and also the daughter of Hans Kozak, an alleged Nazi death camp officer who participated in the Holocaust. To protect her father, Jackson systematically killed every person who witnessed her father's misdeeds, in so doing killing Sy, the owner of a diner (and also killing Ernesto and Enrique Alvarez, two unconnected bystanders whose karma had suffered by their crack dealing), Art and Sylvia Kravitz, and disguising herself as a nurse to kill nursing home-bound Jacob Hoffman. Jackson used her reporter cover to get information on her victims, following them, also breaking into the headquarters of the Patriot Brigade to get Hoffman's and Dr. Leo Krebbs' addresses, hoping to blame the killings on the neo-Nazi group. But witnesses saw Jackson taking Hoffman in his wheelchair, and the police arrested Jackson after admitting her crimes. But before Jackson could be booked, Angelo Alvarez, the brother of the Alvarez men she killed earlier, shot Jackson dead before Alvarez was in turn shot and wounded by police. He was presumably incarcerated for Jackson's murder.

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