Gong Li


Miami Vice Character
December 31, 1965, Shenyang, China
Ooi Hoe Soeng (1996-2010)

Gong Li (born December 31, 1965) is a Chinese actress who starred in the Miami Vice film as Isabella.


Li was born in Shenyang, China, after four older brothers and sisters. She began her acting career with Hóng Gāoliáng (Red Sorghum) in 1987, and acted in many more Chinese films in the years following. However, she did not make her Western debut until Chinese Box in 1997. Her next role in a Western film, and her first major English-speaking part, was in Memoirs of a Geisha in 2005, followed by Miami Vice the following year and Hannibal Rising in 2007. In all of her English speaking films, she learned her lines phonetically. Her most recent film appearance in in Shanghai in 2010.

Personal LifeEdit

Li married Singaporean businessman Ooi Hoe Soeng in 1996 and became a Singaporean citizen in 2008. The couple later divorced in 2010.

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