Golden Triangle (Part I)


13 (13th Overall)
January 11, 1985
Repeat Airdate
June 7, 1985
TV Rating
TV 14 D-L
Guest Stars
John Snyder
and Robin Johnson as Candy James
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"Golden Triangle (Part I)", also known as "Score", is the thirteenth episode of Miami Vice's first season. The episode premiered on January 11, 1985 and was repeated on June 7, 1985.


Crockett and Tubbs are working an extortion scam by bad cops when they stumble upon an Asian plot to smuggle people, including Castillo's former enemy, into Miami.


Assigned to hotel security, Crockett and Tubbs break up a fight between a man high on PCP and a woman. They get the man calmed down, but when they try to handcuff him the woman starts attacking them, agitating the man again and forcing them to drag him downstairs and cuff him to a railing.


Crockett posing as a nerdy tourist

Crockett and Tubbs are fed up with the detail, but Castillo needs them there to locate cops who are extorting high priced hookers in the hotel. He wants not only their badges, but jail time as well. Crockett is disguised as a nerdy tourist sitting poolside when a woman stops by, wanting him to put oil on her back. After she offers $50 for a session, Crockett shows his badge and takes her in.

They find her name is Candy James (Robin Johnson) and her rap sheet shows a lot of prostitution charges. The Vice cops suspect two cops, Garcia and Ross, to be dirty, and Candy agrees to Crockett and Tubbs being her pimps in exchange for a total walk, if they can find them. They go back to the hotel and a man shows up, wanting to rent a safety deposit box. While Crockett and Tubbs continue to work their pimp cover, two men observe them, one of whom is the man who rented a safe deposit box. Candy leaves the hotel, followed by a police car and tailed by Crockett and Tubbs. The police car pulls Candy over and the officers (Ross and Garcia) demand not only $500 per week, but also Crockett and Tubbs. To get their point across they smack Candy around, which is enough for their arrest and prosecution.

The D.A. gets them out of jail an hour after IAD turns them over, angering Crockett. On the St. Vitus Dance, while Crockett files Elvis' nails, the two men from earlier stop by, wanting to make a deal regarding the safe deposit box. They run a make on Albert Szarbo (John Snyder), who has every felony on the book except robbery. Castillo decides to go along for the time being. Back at the hotel, Crockett spots Candy hooking again (after they cleared her record), and when he sees that her client is Szarbo he fears she will blow their cover. Instead, Candy brings them Szarbo's car keys and they go check out his car. They find B&E equipment and a bill to a sleazy hotel.

Crockett and Tubbs want Candy out of Miami, but as they leave Szarbo confronts them. He presents them to Officer Ross, who accuses them of being cops, considering he was busted after the incident with Candy. Candy lies that she turned him in, which retains Crockett and Tubbs' cover. Szarbo, who is convinced, tells them of his plan to break into the hotel safety deposit boxes; he promises a 60/40 split, but first needs solo access to the boxes. His Asian counterpart uses a random number generator to gain entry without tripping any alarms and breaks open all the boxes (without giving Crockett and Tubbs prior notice); oddly enough, jewelry or other expensive items are left alone. Szarbo and his Asian partner are pawing through the score, looking for "papers," when a masked man busts in and kills both. Crockett and Tubbs go to arrest Ross, who says he was supposed to provide Szarbo with an out, but went looking for him when he didn't show and found the two men already dead.

At OCB the squad reviews what happened; when Switek and Zito mention that Szarbo's Asian partner was Thai (based on his arm tattoo), Castillo is angered that no one told him; he goes to the coroner and sees the mutilation done to the bodies - a warning to anyone not to make the same mistake the dead did, as they defied an important man. Castillo saw this in Asia while trying to get General Lao Li, a Nationalist Chinese drug dealer, and the papers were schedules of some kind. Castillo, Crockett and Tubbs scout every Thai and Asian restaurant in the area looking for recent immigrants. At the last Thai restaurant they visit, they find and flush out the assassin, who fights off Tubbs; Castillo chases him down and defeats him in a martial arts battle, but the assassin commits suicide by swallowing his tongue. Castillo determines the "papers" are immigration visas and that General Lao Li is moving his operation to Miami. He receives a package from Lao Li with a picture of May Ying, Castillo's wife.


Guest StarsEdit



  • This episode was called "Score" when it originally aired, but the name was changed to "Golden Triangle (Part I)" when it went into syndication, presumably to better link it with the following episode, which continues the story. This second title is now its official one, and has been used on the show's VHS and DVD releases, and online, although some DVD sets mention the original title as an alternate name for the episode.
  • This episode is the reason that the UK season 1 DVD set is classified 18 (not to be sold to any person beneath that age), as opposed to the 15 certificate given to every other season. The higher rating is probably due to the fight sequence between Castillo and the assassin at the end of the episode, which features several techniques (such as the double ear clap Castillo gives his opponent) that were viewed dimly by the BBFC at the time, largely because they are dangerous yet easily imitated.
  • The font used for some of the opening and closing credits is notably different to the usual Miami Vice style.
  • For the first time, we learn something about Castillo's past, namely that he worked undercover for three years in Southeast Asia, between Burma and Thailand, for the DEA. We also find out that he is very skilled in martial arts, and that he once had a wife. Further details of Castillo's mysterious past would emerge over the course of the series, such as his skills with a Katana, his work in Saigon towards the end of the Vietnam War, and his prior interactions with shady government intelligence operatives.
  • The scene where Castillo receives the package from General Lao Li with a picture of May Ying served as the opening to the video for the "Miami Vice Theme", except the picture Castillo is looking at is of Jan Hammer, not May Ying.
  • This is one of several episodes that does not end on a freeze frame. Also, the full "Miami Vice Theme" plays over the ending credits, as opposed to the usual shortened version.

Production NotesEdit

  • Filmed: October 29, 1984 - November 6, 1984
  • Production Number: 59511
  • Production Order: 11

Filming LocationsEdit

  • Maximo Gomez Park, SW 8th Street, Miami ( Crockett/Tubbs meet Castillo)
  • Turnberry Isle Condo 19707 Turnberry Way, Aventura (Crockett/Tubbs in hotel and Candy at pool with Crockett)
  • Side street 1200 Ocean Drive (Ross/Garcia corner Candy)
  • 2250 NE 163rd Street (Castillo/Crockett/Tubbs search in restaurant for Thai assassin)


Jan Hammer MusicEdit

  • "Candy" (throughout episode)


  • "Do you need more oil, or are you greased up enough, honey?" -- Crockett to Candy after revealing he is Vice
  • "They didn't want to kill him, they wanted to kill him!". -- Switek talking about Szarbo's death
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