Go West


Miami Vice Performer
Peter Cox (born 1955, vocals/drums)
Richard Drummie (born 1959, vocals/guitar)

Go West is a British pop duo whose song "Goodbye Girl" appeared in the episode "The Prodigal Son" of the show Miami Vice.


Go West was formed in 1982 as a duo, Peter Cox and Richard Drummie. Their first single, "We Close Our Eyes" was a big hit in England and the dance clubs but barely (#41) missed the Billboard Top 40 in 1985. The video for the single, directed by Godley and Creme, was played heavily on MTV. Their debut self-titled album included the songs "Call Me", "Goodbye Girl", and "Don't Look Down". In 1987 their second album, Dancing on the Couch featured the band's first American Top 40 single, "Don't Look Down (The Sequel)", but in 1990 the group made the Top 10 with their single "King of Wishful Thinking" from the soundtrack of the Julia Roberts movie Pretty Woman, and the Top 20 in 1992 with the song "Faithful", but that was the band's last chart appearance. In 1997 Cox left the band for a solo career, but reunited with Drummie for four albums since 2008: futurenow, and a 3-album EP set titled 3D.

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