Giannina Facio
Miami Vice Character
September 10, 1955, San Jose, Costa Rica
Ridley Scott (2000-present)

Giannina Facio (born September 10, 1955, San Jose, Costa Rica) is a Costa Rican actress who made her TV debut as a model in Margaret's apartment/art studio in the episode "The Prodigal Son" of the show Miami Vice.


Facio began her film career in 1984's Poppers, followed by Spanish Fly before appearing in several movies directed by her long-term partner, Ridley Scott, beginning with 2000's Gladiator (with Tomas Arana), then Hannibal (with David Andrews), Black Hawk Down (with Kim Coates), Matchstick Men (with Bruce McGill), Kingdom of Heaven (with Liam Neeson), Prometheus, The Counselor (with Ruben Blades), and her most recent appearance, in 2014's Exodus: Gods and Kings (with John Turturro).

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