George Dickerson
Miami Vice Character
FBI Agent Chet Blakemore ("Heroes of the Revolution")
July 25, 1933, Topeka, Kansas

George Dickerson (born July 25, 1933, Topeka, Kansas) is an American author, poet, and actor who appeared as FBI Agent Chet Blakemore, searching for Orrestes Pedrosa in the episode "Heroes of the Revolution" of the series Miami Vice.


Dickerson began his career as a writer of poetry, reading his works to audiences in the 1950s and 1960s and having his work praised by Norman Mailer. His writings were published in The New Yorker, The Saturday Evening Post, Mademoiselle, and Penthouse. In the 1970s he turned to speechwriting for a United States Congressman and then for the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees headquartered in Beirut, Lebanon, where he experienced firsthand the 1975-76 Lebanese Civil War, which left him suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and writer's block, and he did not release any writings until the late 1990s, when his book, Selected Poems, was released in 2000.

His acting career began on television with an appearance in the series A Man Called Sloane (with Rosalind Chao), followed by The Incredible Hulk, Hill Street Blues (seven episodes as "Swanson"), Sledge Hammer! (with David Rasche), L.A. Law (with Dan Hedaya and Jimmy Smits), Matlock, and his most recent TV appearance, 1995's TV movie As Good As Dead.

Dickerson's movie career debuted in the 1981 film Cutter's Way (with Lisa Eichhorn), later roles included The Star Chamber (with David Proval) and Jack Kehoe), Blue Velvet (with Dean Stockwell and Brad Dourif), No Mercy (with Jeroen Krabbe, Gary Basaraba, Terry Kinney, Bruce McGill, and Ray Sharkey), and his most recent film appearance, in Stranger In The Kingdom.