Sister of Georges
Episode Appeared In
Played By

Gabriella is a squatter living in the Maze building with her brother Georges. In 1985 the Escobars hid out in the building, they took both Gabriella and Georges hostage (along with the other squatters). Elio Escobar took an interest in Gabriella, twice attempting to sexually assault her. The first time Georges stopped it (with the help of Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs), the second time Elio shot Georges dead when he charged after Elio. Gabriella was taken again by Raul Escobar to use as a shield/hostage to prevent being shot by the SRT forces moving in to the building, but when he reached the roof, ten SRT officers were waiting with guns drawn, as well as Tubbs and James "Sonny" Crockett. After holding a gun to Gabriella again, Raul decided to surrender and Gabriella ran into the arms of an SRT officer.

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