Frank Tepper


Race Car Driver
Father of Danny Tepper
Presumed Deceased after ramming his race car into a building in 1986
Episode Appeared In
Played By

Frank Tepper was a race car driver and father to driver Danny Tepper. The senior Tepper allegedly had issues with women, evidenced by his apparent abuse of "racer-chaser" Becky Sklar, who was injured so severely she had to drink soup from a straw for nine months. Tepper then took Danny's Porsche and picked up the prostitute known as Florence Italy, then brutally murdering her and dumping her body in the street. Since Danny's car was used in the killing, Danny was suspected of the murder. Later, while viewing security tapes of a croissant shop where Florence was picked up, it was revealed that Frank was the one driving, but when the cops go to arrest him, Frank takes off and rammed his car into a building at high speed, presumably killing him.

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