Frank Stallone


Miami Vice Character
July 30, 1950, New York City, New York

Frank P. Stallone, Jr. (born July 30, 1950, New York City, New York) is an American actor, singer and songwriter who appeared as Frank Mosca's right-hand man Billy in the episode "Blood and Roses" of the series Miami Vice.

Music CareerEdit

Stallone began singing and songwriting in the 1980s, releasing nine solo albums, but his best-known song was from the 1983 movie Staying Alive (which he also acted in, with Julie Bovasso), "Far From Over", which he co-wrote and reached the Billboard Top 10. His other albums and singles never approached so high again.

Acting CareerEdit

Stallone began his career appearing in his older brother Sylvester's Rocky films, appearing in the first three and the final Rocky Balboa (all with Burt Young), as well as Paradise Alley (with Kevin Conway), Barfly (with Pruitt Taylor Vince and J.C. Quinn), The Roller Blade Seven and its' two sequels (all with Karen Black), Hudson Hawk (with Bruce Willis), Tombstone (with Bill Paxton), Angels with Angles (with David Proval), and his most recent movie appearance, This Is Who I Am.

Stallone's TV appearances have been limited to his debut in the series Making a Living, others include Walker: Texas Ranger, Cybill, Life with Bonnie, My Big Fat Greek Life, Yes, Dear, and his most recent appearance, in Z-Rock.

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