Eszter Balint


Miami Vice Character
1966, Budapest, Hungary

Eszter Balint (born 1966) is a Hungarian actress & musician, who made her only TV appearance in the show Miami Vice as Dorothy Bain, a waitress and mother who kills comedian Morty Price (played by Nathan Lane) when he tried to rape her, takes tally sheets used by Price and Frank Doss and is hunted by Doss' hitmen in the episode "Buddies".


Balint was born in Budapest, Hungary. She was discovered by director Jim Jarmusch at age 15 while working in the Squat Theater Company in New York, and he cast her in his movie Stranger Than Paradise (with Richard Edson), she appeared in a few other movies, including Bail Jumper, The Linguini Incident, Shadows and Fog (with Madonna), Trees Lounge (written & directed by Steve Buscemi), and her most recent film appearance, 2016's A Woman, A Part. Balint returned to television in 2014 when she appeared in six episodes of the comedy Louie. She also plays the violin professionally, and released three albums: Flicker in 1999, Mud in 2004, and Airless Midnight in 2015.

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