Eminance Front
Featured in Episode
Top Chart Position (Hot 100)
68 (January 15, 1983, two weeks)
Year Released
It's Hard
Pete Townshend
RIAA Certification
Sequence song appears
Opening during drug deal
Previous Song
Next Song

"Eminence Front" is a song performed by The Who, recorded on the album It's Hard in 1982. The song appeared in the Miami Vice episode "Killshot".


  • "Eminence Front" marked The Who's final appearance on the Billboard Hot 100.
  • CBS planned to use this song as the opening for a proposed CSI: London series, but the idea was scrapped.
  • The lyrics describe the "eminence front" as a facade a group of party goers hide behind to avoid their real problems.
The Who- Eminence Front (Remastered Audio)00:00

The Who- Eminence Front (Remastered Audio)

"Eminence Front" featuring "Killshot" footage

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