Alice Adair

Alice Adair

Deborah Jane Adair
June 26, 1966 [1]
Colorado Springs, Colorado, U.S. [2]
Actress/Voice artist
Years Active:
Josh Brolin, 1986-1992 (divorced), 2 children
Miami Vice Character
Carla Cappoletti ("Streetwise"), credited in episode as Deborah J. Adair

Alice Adair, who is credited on the TV series Miami Vice as Deborah J. Adair (born June 26, 1966), guest starred as Carla Cappoletti, a prostitute who falls for Metro-Dade Detective Vic Romano in the Season 3 episode "Streetwise" of the series (episode #10).


An actress and business executive, Alice played the part of Jan Bogomill in in Beverly Hills Cop II; (1987), and also appeared in the film Szuler (1994).

Alice also made a notable guest appearance on the NBC-TV series Quantum Leap as as Diane MacBride, the daughter of an influental U.S. Seanator and newlywed-wife of Tom MacBride, whom Dr. Sam Beckett leaps into to save her and MacBride, from both being murdered by her vengeful ex-husband, a French organized crime figure and espionage operative connected to the shooting down of the U-2 spy plane in 1960 by the Soviet Army, as the importance of Diane passing her bar exam, which Dr. Beckett helps her prepare for, is directed connected to her possibly being on the Senate committee which is to renew the Quantum Leap project's funding in 1999 in the Season 2 opening episode "Honeymoon Express".


Alice was married to actor Josh Brolin, son of TV/film actor James Brolin of Marcus Welby, M.D. TV series fame, from 1986 to 1992. They have two children; a son Trevor Brolin, and a daughter, Eden Brolin. After their divorce, she and Josh continued to live together on his ranch to raise their children together.


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