David Schramm
Miami Vice Character
Professor Eric Haliwell ("Asian Cut")
August 14, 1946, Louisville, Kentucky

David Schramm (born August 14, 1946, Louisville, Kentucky) is an American actor, best known for his role as "Roy Biggins" in the 1990-97 TV series Wings, and also appeared on stage in several productions. Schramm appeared as the sadistic Professor Eric Haliwell in the episode "Asian Cut" of the series Miami Vice.

Selected FilmographyEdit

Year Film Notes MV Actors Appeared
1976 The Time of your Life (TV movie) First TV appearance
1988 The Equalizer (TV series) Keith Szarabajka
Tony Azito
Peter Sellars
1989 Wiseguy (TV series) Ray Sharkey
Let It Ride First movie appearance Richard Edson
David Johansen
1996 Big Packages Most recent movie appearance
1998 Hercules (TV animated series) Most recent TV appearance

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