Crowded House


Miami Vice Performer
Neil Finn (born 1958, vocals/guitar)
Nick Seymour (born 1958, bass)
Paul Hester (1959-2005, drums)

Crowded House is an Australian-based New Zealand rock band whose song "Don't Dream It's Over" appeared in the episodes "Rock and a Hard Place" and "A Bullet for Crockett" of the series Miami Vice.


Crowded House was formed in 1985 by former Split Enz members Neil Finn and Paul Hester, they brought in Nick Seymour to complete their trio. The group's self-titled debut album featured the #2 smash "Don't Dream It's Over" and the Top 10 followup "Something So Strong". They won the 1987 MTV VMA for Best New Artist for "Don't Dream...". Their second album, Temple of Low Men, did not do as well and none of their singles reached the Billboard Top 40. They released four more albums and went through turnover from 1990-1996 but did not return to the success of their debut and broke up in 1996. In 2006 the band reunited with Finn and Seymour but not Hester, who committed suicide in 2005, and toured Australia, and have recorded two albums and embarked on a worldwide tour in 2010.

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