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Jan Hammer
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"Crockett's Theme" is a song performed by Jan Hammer, recorded on the second Miami Vice soundtrack in 1986. The song first appeared in the Miami Vice episode "Calderone's Return (Part I)", but it was subsequently used in different arrangements in many episodes of the series, specifically (not surprisingly) those dealing heavily with James "Sonny" Crockett.

Along with the "Miami Vice Theme", it is one of the most famous pieces of music Jan Hammer composed for the series.

Jan Hammer & TQ VersionEdit

In 2006 Hammer collaborated with the singer/rapper TQ for a brand new version of the song under the name The Jan Hammer Project Featuring TQ. A CD single of this new version climbed up the charts in Europe, while the digital download topped the European iTunes download chart. While it has never been expressly stated by anyone involved, it is widely accepted that the project was initiated by Hammer as a result of his exclusion from the Miami Vice film.


  • While nowhere near as successful as the "Miami Vice Theme" in the US, the song was a smash hit in the UK and it reached #2 there. The song also enjoyed a similar level of success elsewhere in Europe; in the Netherlands it held the #1 spot for four weeks, and it reached #4 in Germany.
  • The version of the theme that first appears on the show is noticeably different to the version released as a single. In fact, the single version of the song only appeared once in the whole series, when Crockett first sees his new Testarossa in "Stone's War".
  • Over the course of the series, several different variations of the theme appeared. To date, only the single version and an alternative mix called "Crockett's Return" (first heard in "Give a Little, Take a Little" but similar to the version first heard in the show) have been released.

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